10.00am – 11.30am
Lianne McCafferty // At One with Nature, the Spirit & Soul of the Earth
Dwarf Planets MakeMake & Huamea are slowly awakening in the collective consciousness and as Pacific deities they take us away from conventional Roman archetypes, offering opportunity for a fresh perspective on our relationship with the Earth.  Along with other Dwarf planets we will use them to explore the Climate Change challenge we face, and the responsibility bestowed to ourselves and future generations.

11.45am – 1.15pm
Adrian Ross Duncan // The New Age of Air
There were 230,000 people in the world in Year 1 and now there are 7.8 billion – a 3.000x increase. The Earth is doing rather well, despite the plundering and burning of its resources since the industrial revolution. Historically, climate does change, but man-made change is recent. This is just a transitional process, and in coming centuries the world will be electric and cool. We will examine the astrological factors which are the engines of these changes. 

2.00pm  – 3.30pm
Christeen Skinner // What’s happening to our Golden Chariot?
Our solar system at the edge of the Milky Way makes continually changing alignments with the Galactic Centre – just as the planets do with the Sun. This talk considers our solar system’s position within the galaxy, the impact on known planets and potential links with present-day climate change.

3.45pm – 5.15pm
Bruce Scofield // The Astronomy of Climate Change
The global climate system is a self-organizing system, sustained by feedback loops over very long periods of time, that responds to its environment and is sensitive to weak forces at great distances. I will describe the known effects on climate of orbital (Milankovitch) cycles, solar and cosmic ray cycles long and short. The role that planets play in climate cycles and their past and future role in climate change will be a focus of this presentation.


10.00am – 11.30am
Jessica Adams // Goodbye Petrol, Hello New Planet

Uranus in Gemini from 2025 to 2033 will see the end of petrol – and the end of planet-destroying international flights too. Goodbye carbon dioxide. Hello new world. The Jeep, the Lambretta, the fibreglass yacht and the cheap London-New York flight were all invented on our last Uranus in Gemini cycle, during the war. What comes next is about more than Elon Musk – and it will save the planet. Expect dates and predictions in this talk.

11.45am – 1.15pm
Wendy Stacey // Living on Thin Ice

There are several cycles that describe human behaviour which vastly contribute to where the Earth has arrived at, and the desperate call for action. How might we make the best of these cycles and whose responsibility will this ultimately fall upon? This talk will look at what halts and hinders this action as well as the new possibilities that will come forth from the existing and future astrological skyscape.

2.00pm  – 3.30pm
Wade Caves // Astrology and Sustainability: The Meta Conversation
The personal is political, the political is personal – and astrology acts as a repository for it all. Each generation of astrologers wrestles with its own assumptions and beliefs through an astrological lens. What happens to our systems of divination when we acknowledge astrology’s subjectivity and exploitability? Application of technique within the Western world often reflects an unhealthy relationship to power; with historical and modern case studies, we will critically examine how this renders astrology vulnerable to exploitation.

3.45pm – 5.15pm
Drew Levanti and Michael J. Morris
// The Atomic Age, Urgency, Danger, and Kinship: Contemplating Astrology and Climate Collapse
The threat of total annihilation pervades the discourse on climate change, significantly entering public consciousness with the cataclysmic initiation of the Atomic Age. Following threads of prominent configurations between the Moon and Saturn in the inception charts of the atomic bomb, we examine features of not only the ecological realities of climate collapse but also relational complexities for mitigating the relentless acceleration of extraction, consumption, and extinction endemic within these global crises.