Jessica Adams BA is the author of Essential Astrology for Women (HarperCollins) and Handbag Horoscopes (Penguin) and most recently, 2020 Astrology: Your Five-Year Horoscope Guide. Her website is jessicaadams.com and she lives in Tasmania. Her astrology appears everywhere from VOGUE to the Daily Mail.

Wade Caves is an astrological consultant and educator specialising in horary, electional and classical astrological technique. He was certified with honours from the Mayo School of Astrology and School of Traditional Astrology (STA), and has expert knowledge of traditional and modern psychological methods of interpretation. Wade’s passion is in understanding the historical and philosophical origins of astrological symbolism and finding reliable ways to use this in consultation. He teaches for the STA.

Adrian Ross Duncan has had a full-time astrology practice since 1985, is a former editor of the Astrological Journal and is author of “Doing Time on Planet Earth”, the World of Wisdom software/reports and “Astrology: Transformation and Empowerment”. His work can be seen today at www.astrowow.com which features articles, videos, astrology reports and the World of Wisdom software. His latest creation is the AstroClock: the Horoscope Interpreter app for iPhones.

Graham Ibell was originally a plant ecologist working in nature conservation. Graham studied at the CPA and has been a practising and teaching astrologer since the late 1990s. Trained in Process Work and a keen student of the I Ching, he is currently studying at the International School of Analytical Psychology in Zurich.

Lianne McCafferty D.M.S. Astrol, MAPAI holds the Mayo Diploma (Distinction) in both Natal & Mundane Astrology and has a wide range of astrological interests – her current research is focused on Asteroids and Dwarf Planets. In addition to tutoring for the Mayo School of Astrology, consulting, lecturing and writing, as a former professional sportsperson & coach she is particularly interested in the use of astrology to help enhance sport performance. liannemccafferty.com lianne.mccafferty@yahoo.com

Bruce Scofield, Ph.D., is an author of books, articles and papers on astrology, science and other topics and has taught evolution at the University of Massachusetts and astronomy and astrology for Kepler College. He maintained an international practice as a consulting astrologer for four decades and currently serves as president of Professional Astrologers Alliance, a certification board. His interest in Mesoamerican astrology, mythology and astronomy has a web presence at www.onereed.com

Christeen Skinner has studied astrological charts for over forty years and taught students from many corners of the world. She has given many radio and television interviews and is author of four major works on financial astrology. She is a holder of the Charles Harvey Award for services to astrology and is proud to be a Trustee of the Urania Trust and Director of the Alexandria Ibase project. Christeen is owner of Cityscopes London Ltd offering future casting services based on planetary cycles.

Wendy Stacey BA, MA, Dip LSA is the principal of the Mayo School and Chair of the Astrological Association. She has written numerous articles for the Astrological Journal and is the author of Consulting With Astrology (2012) and Uranus Square Pluto (2012). Wendy is a tutor for the MA programme at Lampeter University, Wales. With a background in teaching Sociology, she has always held an interest in Climate Change and Sustainability. In 2014 Wendy received the Charles Harvey award for ‘Exceptional Service to Astrology’.