'The Year Ahead' Astrology and Finance Day Video Recordings


‘The Year Ahead’ Astrology and Finance Day Recordings
With speakers Ray Merriman, Grace Morris, Bill Sarubbi, Christeen Skinner, Olga Morales and Georgia Stathis

Recorded on SATURDAY 10th APRIL 2021

PRICE £99 – You can view for 28 days.

10.00 – 11.15 –  Olga Morales
11.30 – 12.45 – Ray Merriman (this is a pre-recorded webinar from the week before)
13.00 – 14.15 – Christeen Skinner
14.30 – 15.45 –  Bill Sarrubi
16.00 – 17.15 – Grace Morris
17.30 – 18.45 – Georgia Stathis

Includes 28 days of viewing after the event.

This workshop will present one hour talks from these outstanding and leading astrologers on ‘The Year Ahead’.

   Olga Morales is the founder of Astrology for Gann Traders. She has been teaching and lecturing on the astrological trading methods of Wall St trader and astrologer, W.D. Gann since 2005. Olga has travelled teaching Gann methods throughout Australia, USA, Hong Kong, London and UAE. Her specialities are Financial Astrology, Harmonics, Midpoints and Cosmobiology.

W.D. Gann’s 20 Year Master Forecasting Cycle – The 20 year Jupiter/Saturn synodic cycle involves the two business planets. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, optimism and success, and Saturn, the planet of restriction, pessimism and contraction. The interplay of these two diverse energies closely correlates to the rhythms of growth and recession in the economy and stock market. Gann used this cycle to forecast the rhythms in the Stock Market and Commodities.

Raymond Merriman is a financial astrologer whose reports have served traders since 1981. He has written several books relating financial markets to geocosmic studies, including the five-volume series “The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing” (1997-2011). He also authored “Evolutionary Astrology: Journey of the Soul Through the Horoscope,” and “The Solar Return Book of Prediction.” At UAC 1995, he received the Regulus Award for “Enhancing Astrology’s Image as a Profession.” At UAC 2012, he received the Regulus “Lifetime Achievement Award.” He has served as ISAR president 1994-2000, 2002-2008, and 2015-2017.

“Introduction to Financial Astrology and Market Timing” An introduction the art of market timing, combining the study of market cycles with planetary cycles, to accurately identify turning points in financial markets. Financial markets are not “random” as many people think. They move in fairly well-defined rhythms. If you know where you are within that cycle, you will also know what investment or trading strategy to employ, and when to anticipate changes of trend, aided by the use of geocosmic studies. We will use examples of current stock indices and Gold.

Christeen Skinner is a Director of Cityscopes London Ltd providing future-casting services to investors and traders across the world.  In 2020, Christeen began collaboration with the developers of a new trading platform using astro-cycles. She is a Trustee of the Urania Trust and a Director of the Alexandria I-base project.

The Astrology of Block-Chain and Crypto-Currencies – This talk covers research attempting to decode the astro-cycles involved with block-chain systems. We will consider charts for Bitcoin, Ethereum, PolkaDot, Dogecoin and Ripple and the ramifications of block chain technology for Google, Amazon etc.

Bill Sarubbi has been in the investment and astrology fields since 1972 and specializes in mundane and financial astrology. He studied core-energetic therapy with Dr. John Pierrakos. He is a member of the Kenos Circle, a Vienna-based futurist society. He has authored 4 books. In 2002 and in 2016, he was ranked the number 1 stock market timer in the US by Timer Digest. He is also ranked number 3 in all-time stock market forecasting by TD. He wrote the mundane column for Dell Horoscope from 1990 through 2020 and has recently continued his writing in The Mountain Astrologer and the new and forthcoming Midheaven magazine. He is also a contributing writer at Forbes.com. In April 2020, he was elected the board of the new Foundation for the Study of Cycles. His financial techniques and databases are available at AtroApp.com.

Markets in 2021 – Bill will describe his market projections for the stock market, bonds, gold and oil.He will also comment on stock sectors and groups.

Grace K. Morris, M.A., ISAR CAP, NCGR-PAA, LPMAFA, timing/trends specialist, president of Astro Economics, Inc. publishes two newsletters, Astro EconomicsÒ Stock Market Newsletter and The Right Time. Morris’ latest book is How to Choose Stocks to Outperform the Market 2021. Her work has been acknowledged in Forbes and the Financial Times. She is Business Editor for the Astrology News Service (ANS). Website: www.astroeconomics.com.

The year ahead in stocks, sectors, the economy and other cycles – What sectors and which stocks will outperform in 2021? What is the secret formula for “monster” stocks, stocks that go over $1000 or more? How to identify “monster” stocks at the time of their first trade. A look at the economy, inflation, interest rates and other cycles.

Georgia Stathis is an internationally known natal and business astrologer and teacher since 1977. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Northwestern University and her MBA from Pepperdine.  She authored Business Astrology 101, Pushing through Time (2019), the annual Starcycles Cheat Sheet, teaches internationally and writes for many publications. She team taught the undergraduate program at Kepler College. Her website, www.starcycles.com, offers downloadable lectures and articles. An investor as well as a professional astrologer, she offers a bridge between the worlds.  She is chair of Alexandria iBase Library Preservation project (in collaboration with Urania Trust and Kepler) designed to preserve and catalogue astrological literature for future generations. www.alexandriaibase.org

Black Swans, Animal Spirits, and Unchartered Lands – Over the course of these last few years, the world has been turned upside down – most particularly in how we live and work as well as what we do and where we do that? People are working at home; buildings are empty, and commodities are going back up due to tariff adjustments as we move forward. People have moved away from urban areas to rural areas and farms are going vertical instead of horizontal! Interest rates are low while debt is slowly climbing. The world seems topsy turvy as we try to navigate the waters of these new models. The key is in adaptability and looking at old models with fresh eyes. These are some of the ideas explored by Georgia Stathis in this lecture.