Anthoula Lioni: Depression and Anxiety


Astrological markers for Depression and Anxiety
Anthoula Lioni
Which are the astrological markers for depression and anxiety in the natal chart?
Can depression/anxiety be predicted? How to handle the depressed/anxious client? How much information is it right to deliver? The importance of understanding the natal Moon (emotion) and Mercury (cognition).

Anthoula Lioni is a professional astrologer specializing in Natal/Relationship Astrology and Rectification.  She holds the Diploma (Distinction) from the Mayo School of Astrology.  Her academic background is in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology.  She worked for many years as a researcher/lecturer in several UK Universities before becoming a full-time astrologer.  Her approach to the natal chart is psychological and humanistic and her analyses are exclusively person-centred.