Graham Ibell – Dignifying our Astrology


Graham Ibell – Dignifying our Astrology: exploring the use of dignities and debilities in natal interpretations

Modern natal astrologers are often resistant to the age-old tradition of planets’ dignities and debilities. We are confronted with their seeming judgment on who we are, suggesting some sort of moral superiority or inferiority. Yet in ignoring them, we deny ourselves a profound way of understanding how a person functions, and their path towards wholeness. This webinar will look into how we may use them non-judgementally to better understand the dynamics of a natal chart.

Graham Ibell studied at the CPA, earning the Diploma with distinction in 2000. He has practiced and taught astrology in the UK and his native New Zealand for 20 years, and tutored for the Mayo school since 2010. Graham’s work is supported by four years’ training in Process Oriented Psychology and extensive study and use of the I Ching. His other passions are music, poetry, nature and his four children.