Astrology Student Conference

Astrology in Action: Cycles & Dialogues

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Session 9: 09:00–09:50 BST

Virtual Room A:
Elective Lunar Surgery (workshop) – Kira Sutherland
Why do some simple surgeries go wrong when other, more complicated ones go off without a hitch? Today, Kira will offer step-by-step guidelines for working with a client’s chart (particularly their Moon) to determine which are the best possible days for successful and problem-free surgery.

Virtual Room B:
Being in Time (workshop) – Brian Clark
Astrological awareness encourages us to be both in and on time. As astrologers, we examine the measurement of literal time to consider the opportunities inherent in that moment. In this presentation, we shall look at how the many faces of Time can encourage us to live more fully in the present.

Brian Clark workshop Part one

Brian Clark workshop Part Two

Session 11: 11:00–11:50 BST

Virtual Room A:
Where Spirit Meets Matter: A Deeper View of the Self (workshop) – Bernadette Brady
This workshop focuses on the stars and the idea of the Spindle of Necessity, which Plato believed wove spirit to the matter of one’s horoscope to create a life. (We’ll be in touch with attendees before the weekend to offer a free copy of your parans.)

Virtual Room B:
Childhood Matters – Faye Blake
Astrology provides a unique framework for examining time and cycles. Initial triggers in childhood to important chart points set deep patterns. Faye will discuss Inner Child theory and examine planets near the Ascendant to clarify these patterns and help create healing strategies that can lead to a better future.

Session 12: 12:00–12:50 BST

Virtual Room A: continuation of Bernadette’s workshop

Virtual Room B:
The Psychology of Space – Alexander von Schlieffen
Artists, photographers, architects and designers manifest their individual concept or vision of space in their paintings, sculptures, buildings and objects. By looking at their birth charts, we can pick up delightful insights into how their inner psychological sense of space manifests in their artistic work.

Session 13: 14:00–14:50 BST

Virtual Room A:
Pro-social Astrology – Colin Bedell
In an effort to explore astrology as a tool for self-awareness, this talk will situate leading research on human emotion, thought and behaviour within astrology. By cross-referencing the ancient with the avant-garde, Colin will also examine ideas on how awareness of ‘The Self’ is constructed in relationships.

Virtual Room B:
Steering ‘round the Bendings of the Lunar Nodes – Samuel Reynolds
In this talk, Samuel will offer clear and simple ways to identify and interpret planets at the Lunar Node ‘bendings’ in a horoscope, and show how to use these to direct ourselves or others towards spiritual growth and development.

Session 14: 15:00–15:50 BST

Virtual Room A:
Astrology and Dreams (workshop) – Greg Bogart
Both dreams and astrological symbols deliver momentous, truthful messages that offer clear steps towards transformation at crucial transitions. Greg will discuss how dream symbols reflect the chart, and how planetary symbolism illuminates characters and narratives of dreams. A few participants will be invited to briefly share a recent dream and their charts.

Virtual Room B:
Hermetic Philosophy and the Stairway to Heaven – Gary P Caton
The Hermetic Cosmos consists of a series of emanations from the Godhead, known as Tree of Life and also pictured as a staircase, implying return or spiritual progress. In this talk, we’ll see practical examples of how astrology, alchemy and magic facilitate spiritual growth via active dialogue between nature (below) and the heavens (above).

Session 15: 16:00–16:50 BST

Virtual Room A: continuation of Greg’s workshop

Virtual Room B:
Trickster Mercury: Lies, Hoaxes and Parodies – Tony Howard
Mercury, the planet of perception and reasoning, can help us bring objectivity to bear on a situation. But myth reveals Mercury as a trickster who delighted in bending the truth. In this talk, we’ll review jaw-dropping stories of hoaxes, fakes and parodies that reveal Mercury’s trickster side in spades.

Session 16: 17:00–17:50 BST

Virtual Room A:
Astrology as a Rosetta Stone of the Psyche – Richard Tarnas
The astonishing capacity of astrological symbolism and the planetary movements to reflect the complex dynamics of the human soul opens to each of us a uniquely powerful mode of self-knowledge. It can also bestow another gift, a glimpse into the inner life of others, which can deepen our capacity for empathy and compassion.

Virtual Room B:
The Progressed Moon: Understanding the Client’s Inner Journey – Gisele Terry
The progressed Moon is a deep perceiver of the inner world of our clients. Its position by sign and house around the zodiac represents how the past can bring an opportunity for healing in the present time. Gisele will illustrate this with examples from the charts of clients in her practice.

Pre-recorded interview

An Interview with Stephen Arroyo
In this pre-recorded interview exclusively for our conference, Frank Clifford chats with the legendary, influential astrologer Stephen Arroyo about his life, his bestselling books, his approach to astrology and the pioneering part he has played in the development of psychological and humanistic astrology since the 1970s.

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BONUS videos from our friends at New Moon Astrology in China (Mandarin with English subtitles)

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Stellar – 8 phases of Jupiter and Saturn for profession types

Xuning -Extraordinary in Ordinary Life

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