About Us

Internationally Acclaimed Astrology School

Our Mission

At the Mayo School of astrology our aim is to educate people around the world in the application of astrology, to become the best astrologer’s they can be and to continue to offer reasonably and competitively priced courses.

Learning Pathway

You choose your learning pathway – online or distance learning/correspondence, providing online study to students around the world. One-to-one tutoring to ensure consistency and so a student-tutor relationship is built and maintained.


We pride ourselves on offering a broad syllabus of astrological education which gives a thorough grounding in the essentials of astrology, whilst at the same time ensuring our courses are enjoyable and stimulating for students.

Our Course Presenters

Why Choose the Mayo School

  • The Mayo School was founded in 1973 as a distance learning astrology school and prides itself on having thousands of graduates from all over the world.
  • A leader in Online Learning, the Mayo was the first UK school (2011) to provide webinars.
  • The Mayo provides both an online and offline/distance learning programme.
  • Our aim is to educate people in the application of astrology and therefore continue to offer reasonably and competitively priced courses.
  • We offer one-to-one tutoring to ensure consistency and so a student-tutor relationship is built and maintained.
  • The Mayo school’s approach to learning astrology is in-depth but also a gentle one. The primary outcome is to educate students in the art of interpreting a natal chart, translating symbolism to real life and to help and guide others using astrological techniques.
  • There are two intakes a year for the Online Certificate in Astrology Course (June and October).
  • There are three intakes a year for the Online Diploma in Astrology Course (February, April and October).
  • We are the only school to offer a recognised diploma in either Natal Astrology or Social and Global Astrology (Mundane), or both.
  • Graduates of the Mayo Diploma Course will qualify to add the prestigious letters D.M. Astrol after their names and be eligible to register with the Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI).
  • The Mayo School is a founding and registered member of the Advisory Panel of Astrological Education (APAE), an organisation which helps regulate standards and professionalism in astrological learning.
  • There are no additional fees. Once the course is paid for, all grading and learning resources are included.
  • Our webinar presenters are delivered by qualified, experienced and well-known astrologers. The handouts and reading materials have been sourced by 15 highly recognised astrologers to ensure students receive the best material possible on each subject.
  • There are no exams as all course work is assessed by reports and project work.
  • For the Offline Courses, you can start at any time.

History of the Mayo

Jeff Mayo (1921-1998), D.M.S.Astrol (hon.), D.F.Astrol, was as an internationally respected astrologer and astrological educator. He founded and was principal of The Mayo School of Astrology, which opened in 1973 and rapidly gained students in dozens of countries worldwide.

Our Tutors

Tutors past and present include: Christine Ramsdale, Judith Beckman, Jackie Hudson, Elaine Smith, Donald & Lillian Crawley, Joan Porter, Colin Parker, Rupert Jay, Richard Young, Brian Silcock, Terry Dwyer, Wendy Stacey, Caroline Moroz, Claire Chandler, Christine Chalklin, Graham Ibell, Alice Ekrek, Anne Britt-Lund and Lianne McCafferty.

The following astrologers have contributed to the handouts and reading materials: Judy Beckman D.M. Astrol, Dr Nick Campion, D.M. Astrol, Claire Chandler BA.,D.F.Astrol.S, Frank Clifford, BA, Dip LSA, Alice Ekrek, BA, MA, Sue Fairbrother D.F.Astrol.S, M.A, John Green Dip Psych. Astrol, Jackie Hudson, MA, MSC, D.M. Astrol, Margaret Hone, Mavis Klein, Jeff Mayo, D.M. Astrol (hon.), D.F Astrol.S, Caroline Moroz, BA, AGE Int. Dip, Christine Ramsdale, Maureen Ravenhall, D.F.Astrol.S, R.C.Astrol, Wendy Stacey, BA, MA, Dip LSA

Office Administrators: Emma MacDonald, Jennifer Tyne

Webmaster: Cat Keane