Astrology Courses

Course Options & Learning Pathways

Online Learning

Students will attend live online classes, ask questions and interact with other students. This learning pathway is ideal for those who prefer a more structured and interactive way of learning.

Offline/Distance Learning

This pathway of learning is designed for students who wish to study at their own pace. There is no set start dates or times as all coursework is done offline by distant learning/correspondence.

Course Options & Learning Pathways

The Mayo School of Astrology offers Certificate in Astrology and Diploma in Astrology through Online or Distance Learning/Correspondence, providing online study to students around the world.

We pride ourselves on offering a broad syllabus of astrological education which gives a thorough grounding in the essentials of astrology, whilst at the same time ensuring our courses are enjoyable and stimulating for students. 

We are continually revising and updating our syllabus to improve the courses and pride ourselves on being founders and leaders in astrological teaching in the UK and around the globe.

Which Course is right for me?

Are you a beginner to astrology?

The Certificate Course is right for you.

The Certificate in Astrology Course is designed for beginners to astrology or those who wish to refresh their ‘back to basics’ knowledge. The course aims to provide students with a good grounding in the fundamental principles of astrology. The Mayo teaches a contemporary and broad syllabus from which astrological theories are based, along with the fundamentals of chart interpretation and to apply these in terms of potential psychological traits. By the end of the course, students can expect to be proficient in basic astrological techniques and interpretation of the natal chart.

Do you have a good foundation knowledge of the planets, signs and astrological houses?

The Fast-Track certificate course is right for you.

This course is exactly the same as the Certificate Course but bypasses the first term so students would only need to complete term’s two and three. The course would suit students who already have a foundation in the Planets, Signs and Astrological Houses.

Are you able to do a basic interpretation of a natal chart, including being able to analyse major astrological configurations?

The Diploma Course is right for you.

The Diploma Course in Astrology is designed to give sound training in all advanced aspects of interpretation and applying the astrological craft to the highest standard. This course is of considerable value for students who intend to continue their studies in astrology, embark on professional consultancy work, research, write, teach, enter the media or use astrology alongside other professional practices such as business or health. Upon completion of the course, students can expect to be educated as an astrological professional and are eligible to use D.M. Astrol after their name.