Diploma in Astrology Course


The Diploma Course in Astrology is designed to give sound training in all advanced aspects of interpretation and applying the astrological craft to the highest standard. This course is of considerable value for students who intend to continue their studies in astrology, embark on professional consultancy work, research, write, teach, enter the media or use astrology alongside other professional practices such as business or health. Upon completion of the course, students can expect to be educated as an astrological professional and are eligible to use D.M. Astrol after their name.

Term One will cover Forecasting/Predictive Astrology part-one (Transits and Progressions)
Term Two will cover Forecasting/Predictive Astrology part-two (Solar Arc Directions, Solar and Lunar Returns and Elections)
Term Three will cover Astrological Techniques (Midpoints, Harmonics, Rectification and Relocation Astrology)
Term Four will cover Synastry/Relationship Astrology (including family, personal, friends and peers)
Term Five will cover Mundane (Social and Global Astrology)
Term Six will cover Advanced Interpretation, Astrological Consultancy and Specialist Subjects

Course work: Students will need to submit six 500-word reports for each term and will need to submit an 8000-word project to qualify for the diploma
Duration: The course will need to be completed within two years, but students can begin the course at any Unit
Pre-requisites: A Certificate in Astrology or be proficient in basic chart interpretation

Full fee: £1469 (includes 15% discount)
Pay 50%: £779 (includes 10% discount applied for 3 Units Only)
£289 per term (pay as you go)

For both Certificate and Diploma students, those who achieve average grades between 80 – 89 will graduate with Merit. Those who achieve grades of 90 and above will graduate with Distinction.

For upcoming course dates for the online classes, please see the Astrology Diploma Course page