Certificate in Astrology


The Certificate in Astrology Course is designed for beginners to astrology or those who wish to refresh their ‘back to basics’ knowledge. The course aims to provide students with a good grounding in the fundamental principles of astrology. The Mayo teaches a contemporary and broad syllabus from which astrological theories are based, along with the fundamentals of chart interpretation and to apply these in terms of potential psychological traits. By the end of the course, students can expect to be proficient in basic astrological techniques and interpretation of the natal chart.

Term One will cover the Planets, the Signs and the Astrological Houses
Term Two will cover the Introduction to Social and Global (Mundane) astrology as well as Aspects between the planets
Term Three will cover Major Aspect Configurations, Moon Phases, Retrogradation, Chart Shaping and an Introduction to Relationship Astrology (Synastry) and Interpretation of the natal chart

Course work: Students will need to submit six 500-word reports for each term and will need to submit a 1500-word project to qualify for the Certificate
Duration: The course will need to be completed within one year
Pre-requisites: None required
Fee: £239 per term (10% discount if three terms paid in advance)

For upcoming course dates for the online classes, please see the Astrology Certificate Course page