Fast-Track Certificate


This course is exactly the same as the Certificate Course but bypasses the first term so students would only need to complete term’s two and three. The course would suit students who already have a foundation in the Planets, Signs and Astrological Houses.

Term Two will cover the Introduction to Social and Global (Mundane) astrology as well as Aspects between the planets

Term Three will cover Major Aspect Configurations, Moon Phases, Retrogradation, Chart Shaping and an Introduction to Relationship Astrology (Synastry) and Interpretation of the natal chart

Students are provided with the first term’s webinar recordings complimentary and as a refresher to watch if they wish to.

Course work: Students will need to submit six 500-word reports for each term and will need to submit a 1500-word project to qualify for the Certificate
Duration: The course will need to be completed within one year
Pre-requisites: None required

For upcoming course dates for the online classes, please see the Astrology Certificate Course page